High Pressure Homogenizer for sale

High pressure homogenizer
High pressure homogenizer

High pressure homogenizer is mainly used in biological, food, chemical and other industries, such as cell pulverization, beverage homogenization, fine chemicals, preparation of liposomes, fat emulsions, NATO-suspensions, micro-emulsions, lipid microspheres, emulsions, dairy products etc.

Why homogenization is necessary

The homogenization process itself is necessary to ensure homogeneity of various liquids and mixtures. In the food industry, homogenization is also necessary to improve the consumer quality of products. Homogenization extends shelf life and provides a pleasant consistency. It also improves the flavor of the product. In the dairy industry, for example, homogenizers pulverize fat globules to create an even consistency, and the finished sour cream, cream or yogurt looks very attractive – with no fat lumps on the surface. And these products don’t stratify or contain water, and have a more intense flavor.

Working Principle

High pressure homogenizer is mainly composed of high pressure homogenizing chamber and pressurizing mechanism. The internal geometry of high pressure homogenizing cavity is specially designed, under the action of pressurizing mechanism, the high pressure solution passes through the homogenizing cavity rapidly, the material will be subjected to high-speed shear, high-frequency vibration, cavity phenomenon and convective impact and other mechanical force and the corresponding thermal effect, which triggers the mechanical force and chemical effect to induce the material macromolecule’s physical, chemical and structural properties change, and ultimately achieve the effect of homogenization.
Therefore, the high-pressure homogenizing cavity is the core component of the equipment, and its internal unique geometric structure is the main factor determining the homogenizing effect. The pressurizing mechanism provides the required pressure for the fluid material to pass through the homogenizing cavity at high speed, and the pressure level and stability will also affect the product quality to a certain extent.

Homogenizer Specifications

Type Flow L/H Maximum Pressure Rating Pressure Motor Power
0.2/25 200L 25Mpa 20Mpa 2.2kw
0.3/25 300L 3kw
0.5/25 500L 4kw
0.8/25 800L 5.5kw
1/25 1000L 7.5kw
1.5/25 1500L 11kw
2/25 2000L 15kw
2.5/25 2500L 18.5kw
3/25 3000L 22kw
4/25 4000L 30kw
5/25 5000L 37kw
6/25 6000L 45kw
8/25 8000L 55kw
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