industrial milk homogenizer 1500 lt/h 11KW

Our high-performance Industrial Milk Homogenizer, engineered to meet the rigorous demands of modern dairy processing. Featuring an hourly processing capacity of 1500L and 11KW power output, this homogenizer is suitable for large-scale dairy operations seeking efficiency and reliability.

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Product Description


  1. Stainless Steel Shell: The homogenizer is covered with a sleek stainless steel shell, ensuring a hygienic and easy-to-clean exterior.
  2. Low Speed Transmission: It utilizes helical gear low speed transmission for quiet operation, smooth functioning, and reliable performance.
  3. Lubrication System: The transmission part adopts a spatter and oil feeding mode, guaranteeing the lubrication needs of every component.
  4. Double-Sided Seat Design: The double-sided design of the seat doubles the service life, ensuring longer-lasting performance.
  5. Durable Components: The homogenizing valve, one-way valve, and plunger are crafted from alloy steel, offering wear resistance, impact resistance, and a long service life.

industrial milk homogenizer


This Industrial Milk Homogenizer is ideal for dairy processing plants. From milk, cream and yogurt production lines to other dairy-based production lines – this machine will add efficiency to your production line and boost efficiency!


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