Vat Pasteurizer 50-3000liter

Vat Pasteurizer is a high-performance, versatile machine designed to meet the stringent demands of modern dairy, food and beverage industries. Crafted from premium grade stainless steel for exceptional durability, hygiene and corrosion resistance – making this pasteurizer an excellent solution for processing milk, juice, or any other liquid-based beverages.


Product Description


Vat Pasteurizers are made of high quality 304 and 316 stainless steel, which ensures a hygienic environment by preventing contamination and meeting all quality and safety standards for processed products.


Vat Pasteurizer is ideal for an array of uses, from dairy processing and beverage production to food pasteurization and pasteurization. This pasteurizer effectively eliminates harmful microorganisms while maintaining nutritional value and flavor preservation – perfect weather producing milk, yogurt, cheese, fruit juices or plant-based beverages! With consistent, high-quality results every time.

Heating Method

Vat Pasteurizer employs advanced indirect heating methods using steam or hot water as its heating medium to achieve uniform heat distribution and precise temperature regulation without scorching or overprocessing the product. Furthermore, its energy efficient design reduces operational costs significantly, making this an economical solution for your business.

Customizable Capacity

Recognizing that every business’ production requirements differ, our Vat Pasteurizer comes in various customizable capacities that span from 50 liters up to 3000 liters for easy selection based on production volume ensuring optimal efficiency and scalability.

Capacity Power Sterilizer temperature Sterilizer time Stirring motor power Stirring motor speed Weight Tank size
100L 9KW 60-99°C (adjustable) 10-30min 0.75kw 36r/min 120kg 630*740*400mm
150L 9KW 60-99°C (adjustable) 10-30min 0.75kw 36r/min 170kg 630*740*600mm
200L 9KW 60-99°C (adjustable) 10-30min 0.75kw 36r/min 220kg 630*740*670mm
300L 9kw*2 60-99°C (adjustable) 10-30min 1.5kw 36r/min 120kg Φ850*750mm
400L 9kw*2 60-99°C (adjustable) 10-30min 1.5kw 36r/min 230kg Φ900*750mm
500L 12kw*2 60-99°C (adjustable) 10-30min 1.5kw 36r/min 270kg Φ1000*850mm
600L 12kw*2 60-99°C (adjustable) 10-30min 1.5kw 36r/min 320kg Φ1000*750mm
700L 15kw*2 60-99°C (adjustable) 10-30min 1.5kw 36r/min 380kg Φ1000*950mm
800L 15kw*2 60-99°C (adjustable) 10-30min 1.5kw 36r/min 420kg Φ1100*850mm
1000L 12kw*4 60-99°C (adjustable) 10-30min 1.5kw 36r/min 526kg Φ1200*900mm
2000L 18kw*4 60-99°C (adjustable) 10-30min 3kw 36r/min 680kg Φ1300*1000mm

Why Our Vat Pasteurizer?

Investing in our Vat Pasteurizer means choosing a product with exceptional build quality, versatility, and efficiency. Designed to meet stringent industry standards and consistently perform reliably over time – make your production process smoother while assuring safety, quality products, and reducing operational costs with this cutting-edge pasteurizer!

Don’t miss the chance to bolster your production capabilities with our Vat Pasteurizer! Get in touch with us now to discover more about how our flexible pasteurization solutions can bring value to your business – opt for quality, reliability, and efficiency by choosing our Vat Pasteurizer as the solution for all your pasteurizing needs!

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