Pasteurizer Uht Tubular Sterilizer

The Pasteurizer Uht Tubular Sterilizer is an efficient and versatile machine used for sterilizing milk, fruit juice, tea beverages and various liquid products. This advanced sterilizer incorporates heating, sterilization, cooling and heat recovery in one compact system with user-friendly touch screen display providing real time production data enabling effective control and monitoring capabilities.


Product Description


The Uht Tubular Sterilizer is intended for continuous sterilization of fruit and vegetable juices, tea beverages, milk beverages and similar materials. It utilizes high-temperature instantaneous sterilization technology that quickly and effectively sterilizes materials in short order while protecting their nutritional components, preventing nutrient loss and maintaining original color, thus guaranteeing high-quality end products.

Production Capacity (T/H) 1 2 3 4 5 10
Heat Exchanging Area (m2) 25 35 45 58 72 150
Material Inlet Temp (°C) 5-65 5-65 5-65 5-65 5-65 5-65
Material Outlet Temp (°C) 5-65 5-65 5-65 5-65 5-65 5-65
Sterilizing Temp (°C) 137 137 137 137 137 137
Warm Keeping Times(s) 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5
Steam Pressure (MPA) >6 >6 >6 >6 >6 >6
Dimension (m) 3.5*1.8*2.3 4.5*2.0*2.3 5.0*2.0*2.3 5.5*2*2.3 6.5*2*2.3 8.5*1.8*2.3

Heating Method

The UHT Tubular Sterilizer utilizes indirect heating using tubular heat exchangers. This approach ensures precise temperature control and uniform heating for maintaining product quality, with optimized heat transfer resulting in reduced energy usage and improved efficiency. In the process of sterilization, product is rapidly heated to between 135degC to 150degC for several seconds before instant cooling to minimize thermal damage while protecting sensory attributes of product.

Customizable Capacity

Understanding that different production lines have differing needs, the UHT Tubular Sterilizer comes in customizable capacities from small-scale production to industrial operations. From startups needing compact units for startup operations all the way through established operations needing large capacity systems – we have something suitable to meet your requirements!

Full Automation:

Our sterilization process is fully automated. Operators can set the sterilization temperature flexibly using our user interface for consistent, precise results with no fluctuations exceeding 0.5% between upper and lower sterilization temperatures during production.

Real-Time Monitoring: With its touch screen interface, the UHT Sterilizer offers real-time online display of production data, allowing immediate adjustments and monitoring to ensure optimal operation.

The sterilizer features a multipurpose tank equipped with pressure to buffer materials and manage material reflux during production, and act as a CIP (Clean-in-Place) cleaning tank afterward, ensuring hygiene and easy maintenance.

Why Our UHT High Temperature Instantaneous Sterilizer?

Our UHT Sterilizer offers the ideal blend of advanced technology, efficiency, and user-friendliness in one compact machine. Capable of rapidly sterilizing products without altering their nutritional value or color characteristics – making it an essential tool in modern food and beverage processing facilities – its automated control system and real-time data monitoring ensure consistent and reliable performance, making this an invaluable addition for any production facility.

Elevate your production process with our UHT High Temperature Instantaneous Sterilizer. Get in touch with us now to discover more about how this cutting-edge sterilization solution can enhance product quality and production efficiency, providing outstanding performance and reliability when sterilization needs to arise. Choose our UHT Sterilizer today!

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