milk pasteurizer machine for yogurt dairy product

Our milk pasteurizer machine is a designed for milk, yogurt, dairy products or similar liquid materials designed to extend shelf life through sterilization and cooling. The equipment meets all the necessary heating, sterilizing, holding and cooling requirements for different processes and materials and their combinations; its various safety protection measures include high temperature alarms and low temperature reflux protection, as well as an automatic control system according to the user’s requirements.


Product Description

Product Features:

  1. Efficient sterilization: milk pasteurizer adopts advanced heat exchange technology, through precise temperature control, it can effectively sterilize milk in a short period of time and ensure the removal of harmful microorganisms.
  2. Retain nutrition: the equipment minimizes the destruction of milk nutrients during the sterilization process, ensuring that the nutritional value and taste of the final product are not affected.
  3. Flexible design: according to the user’s special needs, pasteurization machine can be customized design to adapt to different production processes and material handling needs.
  4. Multi-functional production: one equipment can handle a variety of products in the same production line, which greatly improves the flexibility and efficiency of production.
  5. Automatic control: the equipment is equipped with an advanced automatic control system, which allows users to control and monitor through a simple operator interface, greatly improving the reliability and safety of the production process.
  6. Safety protection: A variety of built-in safety protection measures, such as high temperature alarm, low temperature reflux, etc., ensure that the equipment is always in a safe state during operation.
  7. Energy saving and environmental protection: adopting high efficiency energy saving technology to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, in line with modern environmental protection requirements.

milk pasteurizer machine

Scope of application:

Milk pasteurizer is widely used in dairy processing enterprises, and can be used in the production of milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products. Whether it is a small or medium-sized dairy processing plant, or a large dairy enterprise, the equipment can provide stable and efficient sterilization treatment to meet the production needs of different scales.

Milk pasteurizer machine Model parameters

Model Process capacity Heat exchanging area(㎡) Power(kw) Steam consumption (kg/h) External dimension (mm) Total weight of machine (kg)
BR0.5 0.5t/h 5 5.2 52 1200×1200×1500 790
BR1 1t/h 8 5.2 60 1500×1500×1800 880
BR2 2t/h 13 6 104 1800×2000×1800 980
BR3 3t/h 20 6 156 2000×2000×2000 1080
BR5 4-5t/h 30-45 8 260 2250×2000×2200 1250
BR8 6-8t/h 35-50 8 400 2250×2000×2200 1250
BR10 10t/h 60 11 520 2800×2000×2200 1650
BR15 15t/h 75 15 780 3000×2200×2200 2150
BR20 20t/h 80 18 945 3300×2200×2200 2350



According to customer requirements, the milk pasteurizer can be flexibly configured with different types of juices, packaging methods and automation levels to provide a comprehensive solution to maximize the diversified needs of customers.

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