milk cooling tank 500 ltr

Our 500 liter milk cooling tank is designed for small to medium-sized dairy farmers who want to ensure milk freshness and production quality.



Product Description

Product features

Efficient cooling system: High-performance compressor and optimized cooling cycle are used to achieve rapid cooling, reducing milk temperature from 35°C to below 4°C within 24 hours.

Superior material: the whole tank is made of food-grade stainless steel, ensuring that the milk is not contaminated and is easy to clean and maintain.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Highly efficient insulation layer design reduces energy consumption while lowering running costs.

Intelligent control system: Equipped with a microprocessor control system that automatically adjusts the cooling process to ensure that the milk is always in an ideal state.

Multi-functional use: not only suitable for milk, but also can be used to refrigerate fruit juice, alcohol and other liquid products.

Application Scenario

Suitable for dairy farms of all sizes, dairy processing plants and food processing enterprises, it is a reliable choice for safeguarding the quality and safety of dairy products.

Instructions for use

  1. Connect the cooling tank to the power supply and make sure it is placed smoothly.
  2. Pour the milk to be cooled through the top opening.
  3. Set the desired cooling temperature and start the unit.
  4. When cooling is complete, open the discharge valve and discharge the cooled milk.


  1. Clean and maintain the appliance regularly, keeping the interior and exterior clean.
  2. Avoid exposing the appliance to direct sunlight or humidity.
  3. Ensure that the appliance voltage is matched to the local power grid.
  4. Do not run the appliance unattended for long periods of time.
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