1000 liter milk cooling tank

Our 1000 liter milk cooling tank utilizes cutting-edge refrigeration technology and is specifically designed to keep milk at an ideal temperature throughout its storage process.

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Product Description

This cooling tank boasts distinct features:

  1. Efficient Cooling: With its powerful refrigeration system, this fridge efficiently lowers your milk’s temperature quickly to an optimum range, maintaining its freshness and quality.
  2. Intelligent Control: With this cutting-edge digital thermostat, milk will always remain at its ideal temperatures.
  3. Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly: By choosing eco-friendly refrigerants, energy consumption is significantly decreased while environmental footprint is greatly decreased.
  4. Hygienic Design: the inner wall features a seamless welding process that prevents bacteria from breeding, making cleaning easy and meeting food hygiene standards.

Application Scope

The 1000 liter milk cooling tank can be found in virtually all kinds of dairy enterprises, farms, processing plants and cooperatives. It is suitable for large-scale production as well as smaller dairies. Not only can it store milk but it can also be used to refrigerate liquids such as fruit juices and beverages that require refrigerating.

Material Description Our tank body is constructed using food-grade 304 stainless steel, offering excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance and long service life of the product. In addition, its outer material is both sturdy and attractive – easy to keep clean while being easy to maintain.

Scope of Application

Dairy companies: An efficient cooling system can quickly cool large quantities of milk to improve product quality and speed production processes.

Dairy farms: These facilities specialize in treating and preserving fresh milk to maintain freshness prior to transporting.

Dairy processing plants: Used to maintain temperature during processing of various dairy products in order to improve product quality. Co-operatives and Farms: For easy use by co-ops and small farms alike in order to ensure milk remains in an optimal state before being sold for sale.

Make the leap in dairy business efficiency with our 1000 liter milk cooling tank! Offering efficient cooling, intelligent control, energy conservation and environmental friendliness for optimal cold storage needs – contact us now to discover more of our products and begin your journey towards efficient cold storage!

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